Common Sense Endangered


We all seem to agree to that simple statement, but somehow, someway stupid wins out. That will be a common theme as we write this blog. Common sense is no longer common or popular, it is an endangered human trait. Don’t believe me, then just watch the news, or the people in the checkout lane, or anywhere else there are people.

Scarry, right?

Till next time,

A. Naughty Mouse



My Friend Brother Otis

I have an imaginary friend, named Otis. I tell people that they need to visit with my friend when they do something that lacks common sense (something stupid). Yes, if their mental elevator is malfunctioning they need my friend, my imaginary friend who will help them in their make believe world. Unfortunately, not the real world, where the rest of us live and function. Now if I can find a real Brother Otis.